1. Change tax laws:
    • for newspapers, maybe treating as nonprofits, L3Cs, or providing other breaks. (Many including: Sen. Ben Cardin proposed 501c3 treatment in Newspaper Revitalization Act; Freepress with L3Cs; Voice of OC and Voice of San Diego are/will be non profit local news sites; Leonard Downie and Michael Schudson, Jr. support taxation as non or lowprofits, Colombia Journalism Review)
    • expand sales and use tax breaks on input purchases by newspaper and magazine publishers to all states and all inputs.
    • expand sales and use tax breaks on sales of newspapers and magazines and advertisements within newspapers and magazines to all states.
    • for subscribers, an income tax deduction on newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  2. Restore tax incentives for minority-owned business or a broader array of media business. (Freepress)
  3. Provide a tax credit on a per-journalist basis connected to journalist salaries. (Dean Baker proposes for creative industry generally)