Zócalo Public Square
Why Journalists Shouldn’t Resist Public Funds (a longer version of this article appeared in the November/December 2010 CJR)
By Steve Coll

Columbia Journalism Review
Reboot: An open letter to the FCC about a media policy for the digital age
By Steve Coll

The Wall Street Journal
Journalism Needs Government Help
By Lee Bollinger

The Online Journalism Review
American government: It’s always subsidized commercial media
By David Westphal

The Los Angeles Times
Free Press, With Profits
By Geneva Overholser & Geoffrey Cowan

Conferences on the Future of News

Free Press’ National Conference for Media Reform April 8-10, 2011

New America Foundation and Free Press October 2010 Panel Discussion
Public Media in a Digital Age

Federal Trade Commission News Media Workshop Series
How Will Journalism Survive the Digital Age?

Federal Communications Commission April 2010 Future of Media Workshop
Public and Other Noncommercial Media in the Digital Era

House of Representatives April 2009 Hearing
A New Age for Newspapers: Diversity of Voices, Competition and the Internet

Yale Law School November 2009 Conference
Journalism & the New Media Ecology: Who Will Pay the Messenger?