1. Change copyright law to prohibit the taking of entire web pages by search engines (Bruce W. Sanford and Bruce D. Brown), limit the fair use doctrine, or otherwise modify the Digital Millennium Copyright Act regarding rights management information.
  2. Change copyright or other law to protect Hot News at the federal or state level (David Marburger and Daniel Marburger; Bruce W. Sanford and Bruce D. Brown, The Washington Post), allowing for an injunction (Posner) or injunction plus disgorged profits leading to private negotiation. (David Marburger and Daniel Marburger)
  3. Note that if there was protection for hot news, then revenue models seeking to return profits for copyrighted content could in most instances also be applied to return profits for hot news. For example, instead of allowing for private negotiations, could also create private mandatory licensing system like ASCAP to return profits to hot news or a government system like copyright royalty boards to distribute royalties.